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A few years ago I was involved in a hot topic with a young, beautiful blonde soap star. Lucy and I met in Paris because, as you well know that the British public, that all erotic experiences that have their names could be involved in the newspapers was, we knew we were fairly abroad everything I wanted without being discovered. His television show was never on the continent. was eager to see her get fucked by another man. Including a long romance with a beautiful girl from the West Indies - - had enjoyed a wide range of meetings during their previous sexual history, but there are still some items left to the sample. So I suggested we find a photographer willing to participate in a photo shoot of us have sex. As we were in France, it was difficult to find a participant. There was no end to youth are lining up for the occasion. Moreover, because he was French, at no time was shockingtube ever aware of the identity of the female celebrities who had in hisnt of his camera. In those days, Lucy was one of the most famous and beautiful faces of British light entertainment television. A though he had enthusiastically embraced the idea, as the time shockingtube approached, he began to have cold feet. We waited for the arrival of the photographers in their hotel room in Paris. Personally, I was as hot as hell at the thought, and managed to keep Lucy in a tone of sexual excitement through various forms of stimulation, until finally there was a shockingtube knock at the door. entered a charming 35-year -old, well built, elegant Frenchman, shockingtube named Jerome, with a calm, cool and easy to monkey looks good. In fact, I had met once before Jerome, when I got into a threesome with a former girlfriend, so I knew what to expect, and we greeted like old friends. Lucy 's eyes widened with interest, and she whispered: 'Ooh - he's very shockingtube handsome, is not' Without further ado, Jerome took us to dinner at a restaurant of silencethe corner. We sat down and tried swopping small talk, the mood of sexual excitement, which penetrated to the general control of the conversation. Finally, paid the bill and headed back to the hotel. in the quiet of our room was isolated, there's not much to call any extended preamble. Jerome grabbed his camera and I held Lucy in my arms, the two stood at the edge of the bed. Gradually, as the camera started clicking, we started to kiss and fondle each other - in full awareness of the sample present. As an actress, no doubt, at this stage of Lucy this was just another show. It was not long before I, but was done in a way they never have become prime-time television. When her friend seduces in front of a virtual stranger turned out to be a certain novelty to it. Not that they are contrary to, which appeared in any way. On the contrary, had shockingtube a dreamy look in his eyes and appeared to be completely absorbed by the experience. My next step was to convertaround to face the camera and slowly glide cashmere jersey body, her breasts were exposed, in the hollow of a sexy black lace bra French. He raised his arms and pull him in the head and raised his hands. He lay down on a chair and fondle her breasts, kissed her mouth turned sideways. Then I opened the shutter of her bra and dropped it down and stroked her shapely breasts PERT, with your fingers. Jerome was torn. I n my ​​own shirt and pants, exposing my cock hard as I had made the decision to carry attracted, no underwear. Then he opened the zipper of her skirt and pulled it down around your ankles so that its image in the right amount of black underwear - your diamond ring navel with bright reflections of the camera flashlight Jerome. Then I turned to her for her ass chubby shown against Jerome, and gradually gave him time to reach each stage in a frame, which began to fall panties Lucydown on her buttocks. When I did, my fingers found her clit in front of me, and she moaned with pleasure as I ran my fingers through his pubic bone and caressed the love push the button. Her hands grabbed my penis and slowly started rubbing which between us with shockingtube nostalgia. On the other hand, he turned and gave Jerome the impact of our activities rudely exhibitionist. She threw her arms behind shoulders to touch my head, exposing her body completely to itself the eye opening of Jerónimo and find your photographic point of view. He never needed any instruction at all. Just framed and shot, what we do in all its erotic jewelry. After a series of similar poses increasingly lead to Lucy, I put her in bed, gently spread her legs and started pushing me into her pussy waiting. Jerome was closed in a few detailed pictures to make, but when he came to us in bed, so he beckoned from behind Lucy's head, I put the camera. I was fucking her calm and steady, and she was far away, shockingtube so I pointed out, her lips to his house. He moved his right side while lying on his back under me, and made the mouth. The language takes his greed to be fair, and soon enveloped both languages ​​on the other passionately saliva. They snogged greedy as he continued to fuck her. Jerome went to totally naked - he did in some haste. put us in the office next door to Lucy, but this time, the parallel form to complete your curvy naked. His hands and his mouth moved to her breasts and she began to mourn with joy as he gently touched and licked with expert technique and shockingtube a real desire. His right hand timidly sought their way on the short bow, which is separated from the tip of his cock hardened, and grabbed the tip of the cock, she joyfully explore between his fingers. His mouth away from me and stuck around Jerom is the tongue licking the lips and swallows. Seengen sexually zeal for this man she barely knew to be possessed, I slipped my cock inside her pussy shockingtube and reduced my body weight in the leaves at his side. This gave Jerome the shockingtube freedom to move her mouth through her vagina, where his tongue began to dart up and down moves too juicy clit pussy hole excitation in a number of - the growing incursions. I saw the face of ecstasy from Lucy. Her back arched and tried to scream, but no sound would come. shockingtube I closed the face and tasted the sweetness of her mouth, sucking like Jerome in the folds of her pussy. Finally, he raised his head, and legs a shockingtube little apart, lowered her naked body. She bent her knees and slid deeper into her bed in a cavity of the motion to proclaim the erotic anticipation. My hand pulled his lips bulgeing diskette with the fingers extended. Jerome rubbed the end of his command a few times against her clitoris, then dropped hiscock in her pussy meaty juiciness eager holes. In this, n finally exhale a long-awaited ' Ooooooooooh ' managed. Jerome powerful drive hot rod, hard inside and outside Lucy enthusiasts shit -box, while my fingers played with the skin around her pussy hole and felt his shockingtube cock in and between Squidgy them. I felt the spasms of orgasm exapnding threading through the curves of her body as she took his cock until it stops, back and forth, rubbing up and down within the walls of her pussy. Her hands groped her buttocks and her shockingtube lips stuck to him like glue. Their language is drained into a pulpy mass merged spitting while she moaned with pleasure each other. Is pumped in and out of it, pushed Fuckery French expletives, got into Lucy frienzied sensuality. , then turned to her and took her dog - fashion. This gave me the opportunity to stick his cock in her mouth so she could experience her first spit -frying. shockingtube The next step was to have Jerome on his back, so that Lucy could rise to his cock and ride him. At that time it was in vain. When I could see her ass from behind, moving up and down to control and Jerome down, and bend the body forward, his face to suck even more, I went behind her and rubbed his cock on the edge of her ass . I knew she had been in the ass a few times before getting fucked by old friends, but had not enjoyed it. But this was different. The sensitivity of the attention he was pushing through the presence of another male appendage in and out of their busy. He deserved try double penetration. Therefore, be careful and considerate, I shockingtube pushed shockingtube my cock in the ass - I shockingtube could see the opening movement of the tail Jerome through the walls of the vagina feels Lucy. For several minutes we've taken online. She later told me how he had been a prostitute sluttly ever - who knew sex could feel the distance as well, so dirty. with tHat time he had beaten her third orgasm. Jerome had come too close. Kill it, as Lucy in bed and pushed me back in the pussy while his cock Jerome stuck to his mouth, rubbing the traces of the past at the top. And as he rubbed his shockingtube penis becomes the holes in the mouth and pushed her so that when he arrived to play his sperm from her lips and mouth filled with fluid both raw taste. I was so hot right now, it is possible that for all I cared about was piss. My own cock spurted his cum deep into Fanny Lucy and all were shockingtube exhausted three side by side. The best photo was Jerome, coming out was that it was Lucy and I are side by side at the head of the bed in the wee hours of the morning looking well fucked. This story is completely true in every respect - except, of course, Lucy is not her real name. If you can believe it, its bad luck.
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